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(14/06/19) SBP reserves drop 0.7% to stand at US$7.8b ǀ Negative

Tribune: On Jun 3, the foreign currency reserves held by SBP were recorded at US$7,807.2 million, down $55.2 million compared with $7,862.4 million in the previous week. The decline in reserves was attributed to payments on account of external debt servicing

(14/06/19) US piles more pressure on Pakistan ǀ Negative

The News: The Trump administration has asked the IMF to ensure real structural reforms are included as conditionality before approving a loan package for Pakistan.

(14/06/19) FBR facing political pressure to abolish Rs300 per kg levy ǀ Neutral

The News: The FBR has been facing pressures from political elites to abolish adjustable Federal Excise Duty (FED) of Rs300/kg on the processing of green tobacco at Green Leaf Threshing Plants.

(14/06/19) 2 oil tankers struck in suspected attacks in Gulf of Oman ǀ Neutral

Two oil tankers were hit in suspected attacks in the Gulf of Oman and the crews have been evacuated, shipping firms and industry sources said a month after a similar incident in which four tankers in the region were struck.